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Thanks for reading Hoodline. As you may have read, we’ve recently joined forces with Pixel Labs, Inc., another small San Francisco news startup, whose product is called Ripple News. Teaming up will allow us to expand the breaking news coverage, feature stories about neighbors and businesses, and events listings you’ve come to expect from Hoodline. (If you’re interested in learning more, TechCrunch and Recode both did stories about what’s next for us.)

Unfortunately, with new opportunities came some annoying legal downsides. For legal reasons, we had to shift all of our Hoodline accounts over to Pixel Labs to allow them to remain active. That meant we had to get consent from all users who wanted to retain their Hoodline accounts—and we only had a week to do so.

If you had an account with us, but didn’t fill out the consent form within the one-week legal window we were allowed, your Hoodline account and any personal information you submitted (like your name, email address, and password) have been deleted. But don’t worry: you can sign up for a Hoodline account again right here.

We tried to notify everyone with an account multiple times over the course of the week we had available to us, but we know some people may have missed out on that window. If that’s you, please accept our apologies for the added hassle.

Never had an account in the first place? Welcome! We hope you’ll sign up and get access to our customized neighborhood feeds, email newsletters, and more.

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If you wanted to keep your account and weren’t able to, please accept our sincere apologies. We’re excited for this new chapter, and hope you’ll continue to read Hoodline!

Eric, Rose, Allie, and the Hoodline team